So here it is. My stumbling block. I’m already [after just 17 days] thinking about cheating, going off, making excuses, rationalizing, not caring, giving up, tossing in the towel, justifying, falling off the wagon, making excuses, even lying! I’m tripping over this stumbling block like I’m a visually impaired person and someone put it there on purpose, right in the way of my well-worn, apparent, even obvious, daily path. And I might even know it’s there, might even know how to get around it, might know how to get help to navigate it [might even know who put it there!] but, instead, I fall flat on my face, hit the fridge, hit the cupboards, sneak out to the freezer in the garage, head for the convenience store and start scavenging for junk.


Why is my attention span so short? Why is my commitment to me, my health, my weight and my lifestyle so dang short? I hate this! [Aha, I said the ‘H’ word. It just spewed out of my mouth before I could stop it, so does that mean I really hate . . . me?] 

I can’t go there right now.