U – turn [that's more like it!]

I AM worth it. I am worth the hard work it takes to get it together, to keep it together. I’m worth whatever it takes to get my health in line — the sacrifices, and planning, and hours of typing this daily journal. Yes, even the extra money for good, fresh, healthy food and the time it takes to prepare it; the time to stretch and exercise and lift and push and dance and sing. I am so worth it. I have value – not because of what I do for others or earn or accomplish or comprehend – but because I am a human/spiritual being with the same intrinsic value as all others who breathe and live and exist. And I don’t doubt where that very breath originates.

REASONS I WANT TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW: [this, to remind me to not take the before-mentioned detour]

My 40th Class Reunion July 3-4th
Family Reunion July 18th
Trip to Chichén Itza August 1st
Family Camping August 9-16  
12 pair of size 10 jeans in the closet!
Reduce my cholesterol
Reduce my BMI
Be a great example as a WW Receptionist
I definitely don’t want to be stuck in a wheel chair and have to get help pulling up my pants!

I can do this. I’ve done it before. I’m motivated right now, right here. Pounds and inches are disappearing and I’ve got momentum [Hey, that’s Weight Watcher’s new program  . . the Momentum Plan!] this very minute. Every tool I need is at my fingertips and I’ve every reason to continue doing what works and what has helped me that last 17 days. Boo to this morning’s detour!

Yeah for ME!

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  1. tracy

    Way to go! Those are some inspiring words! Your category names are adorable – I wish I could come up with something cute like yours are!

    I adore you!

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