Tra` la` la`

I’m starting to wonder, has the fat lady sung? [Pun intended!] I lost so well for the first two weeks and now I’ve been at a near standstill for days! Surely it’s not the dreaded plateau so soon? If I’m going to be really honest with myself [and that’s what I said I would do from day one of this journal] I have to admit that recently I’ve been occasionally lax in my effort to follow ‘the plan.’ I’ve given myself a ‘break’ [oh pulEASE!, give ME a break!] and said, “Hey, I’ve done so well, so quickly and surely I deserve  . . . whatever.” [el~big~mistake~o.]

*Time to reevaluate, keep moving, and simply reaffirm my commitment to my weight-loss plan, and move forward! I’ve steamed the cauliflower and sliced the cantaloupe, so no excuses for the evening.

Losing weight is simple. I didn’t say it is EASY, but it is simple. Eat smarter, move more, follow good healthy guidelines and find a support system. Simple as that. Now, if only I didn’t have to sing a solo.