and nobody gets hurt . . .

152. Finally!

Got to admit it’s been a slow week for weight loss. But it’s actually been one of my best for eating healthy, getting exercise and thinking positive. The scale will just have to catch up when it’s ready.

I knew ahead of time how easy it is to get discouraged so I planned for this moment — to recognize success in other areas. My first week I took measurements and this morning I re-measured. Woo-hoo for me! Woo-hoo for all those sit ups and ab Pilates. I already knew I had lost because I’d dropped a pant size and my clothes felt and looked better so . . . Drumroll, please. [Never thought I would be posting something like this online! Mercy!]

Breast was 40, now 39
Waist was 34, now 32.5
Abdomen was 40.5 now 39
Hips were 41, now 40
Thigh was 24.75, now 23.25
Seven ugly inches of pure fat, gone!

Other ways I’ve reinforced hard work when the scale isn’t moving: Positive self-talk is easier. I am saying nicer things to myself. I am more able to resist those late night [right-before-bed] snacks. I’m tracking online and see that I really have eaten enough for a day, so I put away the fork. Eating healthier foods let’s me know when I am full and satisfied. Junk food never did that for me! I used to eat until I was actually in pain. IN PAIN. For heaven sakes why would a person do that to themselves? Now, it’s as if I can just hear a loud voice amplified through a megaphone, “Put down the fork and back away from the table, and nobody gets hurt.” I can do that for myself now.