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Ten pounds down. In 25 days! Not too fast. Not too slow. Just right! So how come I didn’t do it before? Why, for so long, haven’t I been able to stick with more than 2-3 good, healthy days in a row without sabotaging, binging, blowing it? As if it’s not embarrassing enough to weigh on Mondays and be over-goal for over a year!!! You’d think that would have been enough to get me going! But, no. Humiliation didn’t do it for me.

I remember thinking the last time I lost weight [36 pounds in 2006] that the stars and planets must have been in alignment for everything to go right. Before [and after] it seemed I could EITHER exercise but eat everything in sight, or eat pretty healthy and throw exercise out the window. In either case, I wasn’t successful at weight loss. For some reason things are much better this time around.

WEIGHT just a minute! Why am I acting like I can’t figure this out? It’s simple. [Again, NOT EASY, but simple!] This month I am more committed, more educated, more focused and more ready than I was last month, and the month before that. [The whole dang year, actually!] I am taking the time to eat healthy, tracking every meal, every day [thanks to Holly]. I am exercising each day, alternating uppers and lowers, and making sure I do 100 abs a day. That has made a HUGE difference.

Gina asked what, if any, difference has exercise made this time:

Dear Gina.

I just read Hotlines and wanted you to know the difference working out and exercise has made in my process of recovering goal weight. I had been depressed [husband needs a liver transplant and my Mother passed away in December] for over a year and found [temporary and false] comfort in food. I actually ate until it hurt many, many times, and seriously had not exercised for over 9 months. I promised myself every Monday, or every first day of the month, or every whatever, that I would start again and follow program and get this weight back off. But I rarely made it through a day, and never through two days in a row. However, that all changed when I went to All Things Lifetime in Rock Springs and became re-motivated by Kristin. I saw what an amazing organization WW really is, how much scientific information and study goes into what they teach us, and how much good common sense there is in the literature of the Momentum plan. I wrote on my post card what I was going to change, and by darn, that motivated me! I just got my card back this week and it made me all weepy that Kristin remembered to send it. [That, too, made me realize how important it is keep in touch — send a card — to members who haven’t been to a meeting for a while.] I am so impressed with WW right now!.

Anyhoo [as YOU would say . . ] I have lost from 161 on May 2 to 151 this morning, but the BIG difference is that I am exercising every single day. I do strength training for 20-25 minutes, and it has been what I needed to push me over the the threshold each day and get me through those hard evening hours. My metabolism is up, my energy too. I’m sleeping better. Still a ways to go [145] but well on my way. I’m determined to be an example to our members so I don’t have to cringe every time a person asks me “Are you still doing Weight Watchers?” In another month or so people will be asking me how I lost weight and what the secret is. I also started a personal blog where I journal each day. [‘Weighing Matters” — love the double meaning.]

Today I ate cheese cake but fully counted it, made changes throughout the rest of the day, and now I am through eating for Tuesday. It feels good to take responsibility and not try to think I can get away by lying, not tracking, or pretending it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. This is huge for me!

4 thoughts on “weight just a minute

  1. tracy

    Way to go! I am so impressed with the 10 lbs. vanished!!!! You are amazing! I am going to start some crunches and see if I can get something going with my stomach flabbo!

  2. Sue

    Dorothy, I never cease to be amazed at how alike our thoughts and feelings are. I could have written everything you have written, except maybe about the carrot and the twinkie. LOL

    Way to go on losing 10 lbs. Care, Blanche and I are going to start pool walking and giving up soda (nearly impossible) so that we can accomplish that loss and more.

    Congrats again!!

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