a + b = c

I was going to say its not really math, but of course it is. It’s physics. My point is when you do one thing, couple it with another, you have an outcome. In this case, eating smarter + moving more = weight loss. I’ll have to figure out how to add consistency and lifelong into the equation. In just one week I can see that I’m eating more responsibly and exercising more regularly. Outcome? 155 this morning. Other outcome? Down a pant size. The pant size is what got me on this quest in the first place on May 2nd. I couldn’t bring myself to buy yet another size of jeans. I already have four [count them!] sizes of the very same Wal-Mart pants. 

I remember, fondly, the day my youngest daughter asked, “Mom what do you think would happen if you bought some cute pants?” I groaned at her with my annoyed voice. She persisted, “No, really, Mom, what do you think would happen?” I have a hard time spending money on myself and especially for clothes when I am fat this size. So cute is always in the future.

I have been one of those folks who says, “it’s my metabolism” and resign myself to failure because of an excuse. But Monday night’s meeting addressed just that! The leader said, “The good news is that a slow metabolism is a relatively UNCOMMON cause of weight gain. A MUCH MORE frequent cause is a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE.” That statement caused me to stop and re-evaluate my commitment to making better choices in my weight-loss journey. That’s what meetings are all about. Hearing something that I already know — in just enough of a different way — that it catches my attention. 

“It must be my thyroid!” Next excuse — my Oprah rationale. I saw on national TV the richest woman in America blaming her thyroid for her weight gain and I also adopted that same stance. It’s only logical that if Oprah, with all her personal chefs and trainers, couldn’t lose and keep off weight, how could I? But after ordering several thyroid meds, and finally losing interest in that excuse, I moved on to the best excuse.

Yes, it’s the post-menopausal cop-out. Being through with menopause since age 48, I was sure that was the cause of my ever increasing pear shape. However, looking at my sister, Jan, I know how hard she works to stay healthy and toned. She’s inspirational! At age 65-ish she takes a run every day, rain or shine wherever she finds herself. Twelve days into this journey, I am finding it easier to exercise each day! Additionally, I am making conscious choices to eat healthy and satisfying foods earlier in the day and resisting previously tempting [even overwhelming] situations in the afternoon and evening.

Best quote of the day:

“Being overweight is hard…..

Losing weight is hard……

Maintaining your weight is hard…..

Pick your hard.”