I just posted on Jenny's blog on Oprah

Here’s what I told Jenny:

“I’m a 15-pound-over-goal WW receptionist ready to recapture goal. I do WW all day but blow it each night. I’m giving notice that I’m giving up eating junk after 7 at night.”

I wanted to say so much more, but was limited to 180 characters. It’s a beginning though. I want [need] to be part of a movement [even if it’s just my movement!], a direction toward health, be accountable to someone –even if it’s just to this keyboard! Looking at those two sentences I wonder, is that me? Is that the summation of who I am right now? No, dang it! Even though I have been willing to wear that for a while, I’m so much more. Nonetheless, that’s where I am today. I will get better. Jenny McCarthy’s Give It Up Before Summer blog is one more ‘out-there-for-everyone-to-see’ commitment. This is my ‘out there’ commitment. I really don’t care if anyone reads this or not. I am reading it. And that’s enough for me right now. Reading is powerful. Knowledge is power. Therefore, I’m determined to know [spelled ‘rediscover’] everything wonderful [and not-so-wonderful] about me in order to empower myself toward improvement, self-contentment, self love. If not now, when. If not me, who?


*160 pounds yesterday morning, naked, after bathroom stops.

*Ate fairly healthy, [except for the entire box of one point Mint bars, uugh]

*I’m really more over goal than 15 pounds because I keep lying about my height!

Goal for today: Be honest, be careful, be grateful, be more.


I AM grateful. It’s my second son’s birthday today, May 3rd. He was gone for 17 years, but came home briefly last December when my mother passed. That was a miracle. I’m so grateful for that tender mercy.

Off to church!

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