state of 'mine'

“Feeling good about myself is a state of mine.” ~Lauren Sheffield.

I love this quote. At first you think it says ‘state of mind.’ But, truly, it is a state of mine! It places responsibility for how I feel right where it belongs — with me. Ultimately, I decide how to feel. I can choose [with careful consideration and thoughtful patience] to have a great day everyday.

There are so many benefits of optimism. Superior health. Greater achievement. Persistence. Emotional health. Increased longevity. Less Stress. Productivity.

Self talk can be devastating. We say things to ourselves, or under our breath, that we would never say to our greatest enemy. 

I want to be more careful what I think. My thoughts become my words. My words become my actions. My actions become my habits. Much of the time I’m not even aware of my negative thoughts, so I have fashioned my goal for the next several days around this realization. And I will focus, as well, on what I can do, what I can accomplish, instead of what I can’t or won’t.


I will be more aware of negative self-talk, so that when I find myself engaging in it, I will not only catch it — but also switch it to more nurturing, supportive, sustaining thoughts.