keep on keeping on

Two terrific things, quick. I finally weigh 150! This morning the scale dropped. It took 25 days to lose ten pounds, and then another 14 to lose one more pound. Holy cow! I was sooooo close to discouraged but learned much during two weeks. I continued to exercise often, tried to continue eating healthy for the most part [although I did have those few days where I really got off track and ended up in junk-food hell, eventually getting back on course.] I also lost some inches, which helped see me through, so it was a challenge with a lesson. [Don’t quit, don’t give up on me, don’t give in, don’t settle. Keep on keeping on!]

Additionally, I just had the most delicious salad. Totally made it up so it doesn’t have a name. I started with a base of crisp clean baby spinach, white chunk tuna in water, a dab of fat free Miracle Whip, a cup of fresh sliced mushrooms, a quarter of a green pepper, diced. Looking through the fridge for one more ingredient, something caught my eye but I hesitated to toss it in. Honestly, it turned out to be the most perfect, amazing and delish part of my masterpiece —a cup of fresh red raspberries to top it off. Oh my goodness. My tummy is still atwitter, it was so fabulous. I feel satisfied, healthy and in control. It’s a good thing. [If it had a name, it would be ‘So Yummy and Surprisingly Scrumpdillyicious Spinach Salad.’] [Not to be confusesd with Scrumdeliumptious Italian Sauce.] =]