check, check and check

Bruce’s hot cereal and steamed apple with cinnamon and 1% milk, CHECK
Stretching and Exercise, CHECK
Dishes put away, and loaded CHECK
Whites dried and folded, CHECK
Levis in the dryer, CHECK [note to self, don’t leave tissue in pockets!] [unless it’s Puff’s Plus]
Towels washing, CHECK
Mowing, CHECK
Tetris, CHECK [oh, that wasn’t on the list]
Levis now folded and all laundry put away, CHECK
Healthy snack: Sunkist orange, strawberries, Wasa bread CHECK

Ok, so far this is fun . . .
See, I said I love lists.

[Really, I know my problem of mindless grazing is from 6 – 10 PM. I’ll do fine ’til then.]