checking it twice

Making a list always help. It’s right there in front of me, I love to check things off as I go, and it holds everything together. I think what happened the last ten days is I forgot [spelled ‘neglected’] to plan, forgot it takes work and organization and committment and daily, daily, reminders of what to do, how to not slip back into poor habits and excuses and rationalization.

*eat a healthy breakfast with good carbs [banana or apple] whole grains, fiber [maybe Bruce’s]
*exercise. [lowers today]
*rehearse healthy, positive affirmations. “Every day, in every way, I am getting stronger, smarter, healthier . . .”
*shop [healthy] for the week
*mow the front lawn
*empty the dishwasher, load the dirty ones
*fold the whites, dry the levis, wash the towels.
*work at the school for 3 more hours [maybe just forget that!]
*study Gospel Doctrine
*start working on fourth week Relief Society lesson
*eat a healthy lunch [protein!]
*maybe vacuum [it’s not bad, I could leave it]
*remember WHY I am doing this!
*call, text or email my grandchildren

*don’t sit and watch TV all day
*don’t eat the other box of Triscuits [Tracy, why didn’t you take these home with you?]
*don’t finish off the box of Ginger Snaps [I don’t even LIKE them for Pete’s sake!]
*don’t eat the Pop Tarts [they are not real food!]
*don’t eat the rest of the frozen fruit bars
*don’t wait until I’m so hungry that ANYthing will do
*don’t believe for one minute that I am buying this junk for hubby!

Totally do-able. I can do this for today. And I’ll start fresh again tomorrow with a new list. Breathe . .

“If not now, when? If not me, who will do this for me?”

Now go have a great day!

2 thoughts on “checking it twice

  1. LaRae

    hi Dorothy,
    Thanks for sharing so openly. I have read all entries.
    I too have been on a life long quest for health and fitness. You are achieving your goals through a great amount of focus and positive choices. Congrats!

  2. weighingmatters

    LaRae thanks for your comment. Yes this is a lifelong battle. I really slip up some days, but overall am doing better than I was last year. So that’s progress. I just can’t believe how much of me is tied to food. I’m surprised at how many layers I am unpeeling with this journey.

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