oh my goodness!

I was looking for my old list of Ways to Measure Success Without the Scale [how clothes fit, energy, skin, emotions, attitude, sleep, stamina, appearance, feel healthy, notice positive changes, etc.] and decided to do a quick measurement and I’ve lost another few inches. And, by darn, I’m going to count it as another success! [Anything to stay out of the kitchen and away from hubby’s pie.] Last time I measured on May 23, two weeks and a day ago. Who knows, maybe I’m just standing up straighter and sucking it in a little better. [But really, how do you suck in boobs? um, sorry mom, breasts.]

Breast was 40, then 39, now 38
Waist was 34, then 32.5, now 32 [I don’t care! a half inch is a half inch!]
Abdomen was 40.5 then 39, still the same [and that’s after 100 crunches almost every day! =<]
Hips were 41, then 40, now 39
Thigh was 24.75, then 23.25, same
Nine and a half inches of ugly fat, gone!

Oh happy day! [Again, can’t believe I’m posting these numbers, but I signed up for honesty in this journey, so honesty it is.] Reality check — I know I will never be 36-26-36 again, but I’m determined to be at a place that’s good for my health, good for the way I see and accept myself, good for the way I cope with my struggles, and good for me.

Woo Hoo!

2 thoughts on “oh my goodness!

  1. julie johnson

    Hey Dorothy I have a great abs workout that Karen turned me on to. It is from the turbo jam series and it kicks butt. I lost 2 1/2 inches off of my waist in two weeks and these are so much easier than crunches. I could show it to ya if ya want.

  2. julie johnson

    I totally understand everything you have written on here. I feel the same way. It can be a real struggle. I am learning to work on myself and let everyone else work on themselves, which can be hard when you are used to doing it all for every one while you let yourself go. Hang in there. I think you look great!!!!!!!! It happens I am now down 30 pounds but have 40 more to go.

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