the teacher appears

I love when I’m in the zone. I love when I am thinking healthy, eating healthy and living healthy. [Was it really only 6 weeks ago that I was a careless, reckless slob, eating unmonitored junk, not exercising and spending 8 hours a day on the couch watching garbage?]

It seems like things are more clear, more crisp, more enjoyable, more alive.

The dozens of ‘health, diet, workout, sound thinking, whole living, self improvement’ books on my shelves call out to me and actually look inviting. I’ve had a Health and Wellness college manual on my dresser for probably 15 years and right now, this very day I opened it up, looked inside — and all of a sudden it’s fascinating! I thumbed through Bob Green’s 2002 [of Oprah fame] ‘Get With The Program’ and found information that I can use right here, right now. Phil McGraw’s 2003 ‘Ultimate Weight Solution’ table of content surprisingly aligns with what I am doing to become b.e.t.t.e.r in many areas of my life. And Jorge Cruise’s ‘8 Minutes in the Morning’ is far and away the best exercise, common sense, life changing, body changing sculpting book on the market. I have four of his books and whether I am in the zone or not, I try to exercise his way.

I am reminded of the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Shopping is easier when I’m zoning. Yesterday I bought $46 of fresh vegetables and fruits, a few fat free-sugar free chocolate pudding, plain yogurt [lots of blue and black berries to toss in] whole-grain pasta, Wasa bread, Simply Fruit jam, and frozen stir fry with whole grain noodles. [Ever smear SFFF chocolate pudding on a Wasa slice and stick it in the freezer? I swear it tastes better than a Kit Kat — pinky promise!] All set for the week! It saved me a lot of time. I didn’t have to go in the cereal, candy, pop, cookie, ice cream or bakery aisles. I cruised passed the cheese, processed meats and the chips [although I did pause at the rice cakes to read the nutritional label for a possibility next shopping trip.] And I spent quite a bit of time in the pickle aisle comparing labels, prices and ounces to get the best buy on baby whole dills. As I post I’m sipping a giant mug of homemade veggie soup with a V8 base plus black beans and whole-wheat bow ties. I’ve slice up dessert so I can munch on sweet cantaloupe chunks throughout the afternoon. [Hubby is having deep fried chicken fried steak, Stove Top stuffing and a milk shake.]

It’s incredible to me that I don’t feel annoyed. I’m not frustrated when people keep bringing up the subject of weight and fitness. I don’t feel like everyone is talking about me when they say something about weight. [I have felt that for the past year when my co-workers often continually visited this genre. I’d just get ticked off and walk away like ‘is that all they can think about anymore? Don’t any of them have a life?”

Aahh, the zone. It’s a nice place to visit, and I would like to live here!