yes, we have no bananas

I’m not discouraged. I’m really not! In fact I feel good. Good about losing 12 pounds. Good about still eating healthy and consciously. Good about continuing to exercise. Good about being down two sizes — finally got into some size 10-12’s. Good about losing some inches and belly fat. Good about my grocery shopping habits. Good about the little hump on my biceps [forget about the sagging triceps underneath — the ones that hang and swing under my arms like a bloodhound’s jowls]. Good about my continued and consistent commitment to me.

A little confused though. Ten pounds came off fairly quickly. 25 days. That next pound took two weeks. And now I weight 150 almost every day. Some days I’m up or down a pound and the next day I’m back. So what does all of this mean? Do I really have to eat [still] less, as well as, increase duration or length of exercise? My brain is telling me what I know. Yes, dear, it means precisely that. It means tracking food intake with exactness. Monitor water intake. Don’t eat [or snack] after 7 PM. Stop being blase and complacent about the details. For the rest of my dang life!!! [It’s not a diet . .  it’s a lifestyle — so tired of hearing that.]

It might mean mixing it up. Maybe my body is used to the same ol’ predictable exercises I’ve been doing. Maybe my body is use to the inevitable banana-topped Bruce’s cereal, veggie soup, cantaloupe, strawberries, Sunkist oranges, Gala apples, white fish, tuna salad, Wasa bread, sprouts, spinach wraps, and my occasional roasted chicken breast Subway on whole wheat, stacked with veggies and lightly sprinkled with oil and vinegar, etc., etc. Maybe I need to throw it a curve ball!

I saw a friend in Wal-Mart yesterday and she looked fabulous. She’s lost 15 pounds. How? Jenny Craig. My brain immediately twisted into a double-overhand-stopper-knot. No, I will not eat ice-encrusted packages of processed frozen entrees.

Yes, I will continue to attend my Monday meeting, plan what I eat, track food and activity each day, weigh once a week [more like once an hour!] and be more active. I can continue this venture. I am worth this effort.