Monthly Archives: July 2009


put on your big-girl panties

I don’t know. My daughter is nagging me to post. She says I did so well for the first month, and half of the second month. It’s now been ten days without writing and I can’t post a decent post! I’m down on me [again]. This time with good reason. I am such an idiot. […] Read the Rest…


I don't really mind the flu

[Invisible Grandma with oodles of glow sticks.] An eventful [and foodiful] 4th of July it was! [Now really, why is Spellcheck underlining ‘foodiful?’ Surely it’s a word! It’s definitely a feeling!] After skipping out on my 40th Class reunion in exchange for spending time with Scott and Andie, and Tracy and her bunch, and spending […] Read the Rest…


tractors and a milk truck

Been putting this off for too long. Keep thinking I can get back to 149 -150 so I can feel good about posting but I’m not sure I can do it! I’ve been very busy for over a week, sneaking in little [big] snacks after hubby goes to sleep. He left two bags of snack-size […] Read the Rest…