I don't really mind the flu

Invisible Grandma[Invisible Grandma with oodles of glow sticks.]

An eventful [and foodiful] 4th of July it was! [Now really, why is Spellcheck underlining ‘foodiful?’ Surely it’s a word! It’s definitely a feeling!] After skipping out on my 40th Class reunion in exchange for spending time with Scott and Andie, and Tracy and her bunch, and spending 5 days of unbridled eating, it feels good to get back on track and back to exercising. With two days of stomach flu, [a blessing in disguise] I’m only up one and a half [yes halves count a lot!] pounds, so back to the plan. What I really miss is feeling good about exercising. It’s amazing to me how quickly muscle tone, firmness and good posture disappear after only ten days to two weeks of lounging around and lifting nothing heavier than a [oft-times plastic] fork.

The week was full of shopping, parades, shopping, an America’s Hope concert, shopping, two firework extravaganzas with 3D glasses, fluorescent glo-sticks and necklaces, near hurricane weather [spent hunkering under an easy-up shader, with four of us holding on to each corner while everyone else disappeared to their cars — we’re hardy folk!]

Mid-Hurricane[Mid-Hurricane — notice the look of fear on Annesley’s face]

Playing Catch with Annesley[A few minutes in between the hurricanne and the downpour, playing catch with Annesley.]

The Menan parade was all that was promised. Tractors, fire trucks, four wheelers, the chocolate milk semi. [Please feel free to re-live the entire parade with me below.] The only borderline negative was being totally encroached upon by some near-hillbilly types who smoked, yelled their toothless vulgarities and fought over the saltwater candy. [RASTUS! I tode you, put dat canny down, dat MY canny! RAAASTUS] One ‘uni-person’ kept us guessing his/her gender throughout the entire parade, and one [unmistakable] female flopped her huge [barely tank-top covered hanging-out-all-over] breasts around, us ducking so as not to get knocked out over [thus missing the entire parade!]

Daughter Mikelle and boyfriend surprised us by showing up Saturday and playing games at the park until one in the morning. We also had a ROOK showdown, played hours of redneck golf and a few Chess face-offs. A really fun time with family and friends.

Reality Check. I’m still at 150 pounds, which is exactly what I was back on May 28. So enough of this lazy silliness, back to eating healthy, keeping goals in mind, feeling the need to do what I can to be healthy and energetic and whole. If I had been on track all this time, surely I would have been to goal [141] by now.

[For those who just can’t get enough of small town Fourth of July.]

Tractor Pulling Empty Wagon[Big John, Little John (Deer, that is)]

1 milk truck [handing out thousands of chocolate milk cartons]
1 sheriff
11 assorted fire vehicles
5-man color guard
a high school band
6 four wheelers
[1 pulling a wagon and shoveling up poo at the end of the parade]
7 classic cars
3 cool cars
12 vehicles that were neither classic nor cool [They may have gotten into the parade by mistake, just heading to the gas station for a Hi C]
14 horses
6 miniature horses
11 wagons [mostly behind horses]
1 undertaker [seriously!]
7 apparatus, which could questionably be considered ‘floats’
1 mo-ped
2 motorcycles
3 ATVs
5 bikes/scooters
one missing child vehicle [really, really sad, this one!]
8 tractors
1 dune buggy
1 Hummer [really in a class of it’s own] [got many applause!]
1 old engine [I heard it was a “marsher” apparently used 90 years ago to irrigate.]
2 cheer squads [even dressed quite modestly by cheer standards]
a dance team [as well]

8 Tractors[I’m just saying . . . 8 tractors in a row.]

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