1,000,082,903 and counting . . .

It’s nose to nose.

Mikelle and I are hard at it. So far she’s the Biggest Loser!

I started Monday, she started Tuesday. She’s doing a little better than I am. Ya! She’s young. I remember when I use to be able to drop five pounds in a couple of days.

So far this week I have eaten so well. Totally consciously. And I’ve exercised every single day alternating uppers and lowers. Mikelle went rock climbing Monday and Wednesday after work. She texted me this morning, “Mom, you really should try this. It’s such a great workout.” Holy Cow Kelle! I’m almost 60! And, besides, I did rock climb in Cozumel just a few weeks ago!

I know I have said this a zillion eighty-two thousand nine hundred and three times, but I am going to keep this off. [Did I really say that again?]