anyone there?


“Oh-fuh-guhness-sakes!” I know you’re there. I can hear you breathing.

5 thoughts on “anyone there?

  1. tracy

    Checking in at 10:41! You have been a busy girl blogging this week! I need to do better.

    How much have you lost this week? You are doing great!

  2. sandra

    Okay….tell me about your biggest losing challenge???? Maybe committing myself to this would help me lose that 15 – 20 pounds I need to drop off, the ones that I swore I would lose during the summer!!!! Maybe I’m in.

  3. weighingmatters

    Sorry, Sandra. I thought you were my niece, Sandra, so I wrote that long blog about the years that I suffered with bulimia. Hope you put ‘healthy’ first, and think about losing those 15 pounds. Thanks for checking in . . .

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