'fe is goo'

I just this minute walked in the door from our annual 10-day family camp-out at Green River Lakes. The week before I was in Mexico [Yucatan Peninsula][Chichén Itza] with Scott and I have literally eaten almost everything in front of my eyes for seventeen days straight. But here’s what I learned. For some reason I didn’t gain any weight. I left at 153 and came home at 153. Granted it isn’t my goal weight of 145. It isn’t my earlier acquisition of 149, but at least it’s not 161 or 176, my two previous reality checks as far as weight is concerned. Just this past May I got back up to 161 and started a new regimen on ‘my journey to b.e.t.t.e.r.’ But today is a new day [relatively speaking, because it’s really about 6 pm and I have a ton of laundry and still have to unpack the car and watch the last two episodes of So You think You Can Dance. I heard that Jeanine won, but I want to find out how the heck she beat Brandon!]

[I digress.]

Last month Scott, Andie and I were in Jackson doing the whole white-water rafting, Bar J Wranglers, Granite Hot Springs, and Jackson Village experience. We went into a Life is Good store and shopped for cool [very cool] shirts and hats. One shirt was folded in such a way that it said ‘fe is goo‘ instead of ‘Life is Good’ and Scott and I have been saying it ever since. I realized that people [we, I] interpret things in a different light when we don’t have the full picture [the full T-shirt open]. Or when we don’t follow the whole program, or get the whole meaning.

Useful Adaptation: I keep trying to get [talking about getting] to 145 without really committing myself to it all [the whole picture]. I keep thinking I can get away without daily commitment, without daily exercise, without daily planning, without daily choices. I keep thinking that I can do it the way I use to do it … lose ten pounds by starving for a week or two. Or taking diet pills. Or laxatives. Or just drinking liquids. Or just eating meat.

No. Seriously, No.

Additional Useful Adaptation. Life is more than food. Life is more than weight. Although I know I have to take care of this body and take care of my heart and bones and legs and knees, I can still enjoy all there is to love and appreciate and adore. I can quit talking so much about weight and food. I can keep on ‘keeping on’ without constantly reminding myself [and everyone else] that life is such a battle. I can relax. I can delight and relish, and revel, and savor.

Yes. Seriously, Yes.

So, here we go again. Today is as good as any day to start [or continue, or get going, or get on the wagon, or re-enlist] again. I’m not going to wait until a Monday, or the first of the month, or until I hit rock bottom [sometimes I think it should be called rock top, because it’s when my weight is at it’s highest that I usually finally wake up!] This evening I’m reading over some useful, helpful, motivational material and planning-out tomorrow. I am heading out to get some healthy food choices. I’m filling water bottles half-full and freezing them so I can have cold water all day. I’m saying positive affirmations. I’m planning my exercise. [uppers tomorrow morning and crunches in the evening.]

Life really IS good! I have had a great month and been surrounded by good people, fun times, and happy moments. I have built an entire photo album of lifetime memories. It’s the first time in nearly twenty years that I’ve had all five of my children [including long-lost Cameron, who lives in Wisconsin and has been gone since Tracy graduated in 1992?] with us at our favorite camping place. This year we had two extra special people along, Mikelle’s guy, Logan [from Logan] and Shelby, a darling gal from Layton, Utah. Steev’s special lady. They both bravely faced the elements [from scorching hot . . to pouring and pounding rain all day . . to snow sticking on the ground last night!] We played endless [and often grueling and ferocious] games of Rook and Spades. Grandkids played Rumikub in the tent with Grandma and Richard. We rode horses, went on hikes, canoed to the upper lake, rode the rapids down at Roaring Fork, swam across the ‘roaring’ river to lay out on a rock big enough for ten people, went on four-wheeler rides, spied on Shelb and Steev [through binoculars] when they were on the highest peak in sight. We even found sister, Louise, and LeAnn camping there and actually moved into their camp spot and spent a couple of days with them. We saw moose and deer and antelope and Canadian geese, and Sandhill cranes and ‘squeakies’ [chipmunks] and squirrels and even a couple of weasels!


I found out first hand that if a Mother prays nearly every night for 17 years, that [grown] children eventually do come home [even if it’s just for a visit], they find good people to spend their lives with, they grow up into responsible and beautiful adults, and good parents and that they really do love each other, [although they are still fiercely competitive and often so bruising-ly sarcastic that it breaks my heart.] I [re] learned just how important family is and how much I want each one of them for all eternity. I learned that it’s hard work to keep everyone happy and everything going, and sometimes I just can’t do it by myself, and I realized that’s when God takes over, when I can’t do everything I want to do. He sends a little sunshine so we can sing at the top of our lungs, “Here Comes the Sun,” [by the Beatles.] He sends shooting stars to cross over our camp fire. He sends the most precious little missie moo, an almost-two-year-old that melts all of our hearts. He sends a perfect day for a three-hour-horse-ride for all the grandchildren. He sends the ideal [dinosaur-neck] log down the lake that they all sit on and ‘ride’.

I will gladly spend the next seventeen years on my knees praying for guidance and wisdom if it will keep my family together and close.

Fe [really] is goo!

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  1. tracy

    Thank you for working so hard and giving so much to make GRL happen. We had a great talk around the fire last night – it was so wonderful to be with all my brothers and sister and of course, you! Amazing to have us all together.

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