ruby tuesday

Today has been good. Although I’m feeling a little hungry right now [9 pm], I’m heading off to bed without pigging-out on snacks and junk. It’s a good feeling — the kind that assures me I’m going to be down a half pound in the morning. It’s the kind of gnawing feeling in my stomach saying I could eat something huge right now, but I’ve chosen to not go there. I feel like I have accomplished something the last two days and just doing that has given me just a titch of power. It’s so discouraging, frustrating, that food has so much control, [rephrase, that I give food so much control] over me.

But I’m Psyched!

Beautiful, youngest daughter, Mikelle, and I just challenged each other to the Biggest Loser. We’re each putting $50 in the pot and then we’re going to convince hubby to put in $100 so that the winner will get two hundred big ones for losing weight, inches, body fat, and pant sizes. Weighing and measuring starts tonight. We’ve committed to eat healthy, just to cut back and exercise our little big buns off. So no crash dieting going on here. Gotta have the 5-7 veggies and fruits, 3 servings of milk, protein, and healthy fats. Lot’s of water.

I just need the challenge!
A goal.
A purpose.
A reason.