see, this is the only way [for me!] to do it!


Woo Hoo!

Mikelle bought a jump rope yesterday and went bike riding this morning! I’m so proud of her. [I know she’ll beat me.]

She should beat me! She’s 20 years old for guhness sakes!

[But this is a Win-Win. It’s worth the $150 I’ll be paying her!] It keeps us both motivated. It keeps us connected! I love seeing her success. She’ll be better off in the long run. I love when she calls and says, “What should I have for lunch?” I say, “Strawberries are only $2, or some tuna on Wasa or whole wheat. Grab a cucumber and some carrots to snack on. Buy a cantaloupe to last a couple of days. Remember healthy fats! Eat an avocado!”

She’s making the connection between eating healthy and being healthy. She’s making the connection between daily committed, conscious, planned exercise and feeling [and looking] great!


I’ve been working my buns off on the floor in front of the TV. All those leg exercises, hydrants, bum burners, etc. 100 crunches last night with my toes tucked under the ottoman [while Monk was on.] This morning side-burns while I was on the phone with Tracy. I’m starting to integrate exercise into my other activities.

Lose-Lose, Win-Win! for both of us.