paying off

Darling daughter, Mikelle, is visiting for the weekend. She had a dentist appointment and then has cut hair, non-stop, for friends and even a former-friend. [that’s another story!] Anyway, I heisted her camera, ran to Wal-Mart in the next town, and got a Targus card-reader to upload some pics. Here she is with good friend and co-student, Whit, from beauty cosmetology college.

DSCF0311And again with Logan.DSCF0966


[She’s got great teeth!] She is my partner/competition in the Biggest Loser. So far: Mikelle 1, Mom 0. Or more like Mikelle 2, Mom 1. She’s doing great! Down about 7 pounds and clearly, a size. Clothes are fitting better. She is feeling better and looking fabulous. She’s been running with Logan after work [about 10:30 pm — how’s that for dedication!] and even went rock climbing a couple of times with him. He’s evidently, understandably on her side! <g>


DSCF1102Paddling [hard] at Green River Lakes. Well, he’s paddling, I think she is mostly taking pictures! But the point is, she’s moving more! She and hubby are [right this minute] heading out to the desert for some 4X4-ing and arrowhead hunting.


I envy am happy for her youth, her energy, her enthusiasm, her education, her new friends, her new college town she loves, a great job she adores and is so good at, her new outlook on life, her [new-found] ability to feel God’s love, her very special guy [Logan, from Logan!] and her contagious optimism that life will be good.

DSCF1001At work with Thelma Rose, an irresistable resident at the assisted living home. Thelma is a sweetheart who has practically single-handedly given hope and love and all sorts of perspective to Mikelle’s view of a b.e.t.t.e.r. universe!


Life is dawg-gone wonderful at the moment!