'abs'o-flippin-lutely fantabulous

I’ve exercised nearly every single day for 23 days! What a difference! Uppers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lowers on the other three days. And I’ve been doing abs all six days. After seeing Mikelle last weekend and seeing how well she is doing, I doubled up a few days. [I save Sunday for another kind of exercise <g>.  That’s the day to stretch my spirituality!]

Woo HOO! Back to 149! The tummy is so much better! I measure at the smallest point and call that my ‘waist.’ Across my belly button, I call that my ‘abdomen.’ And I’m unbelievably, practically incomprehensibly down 3 1/2 inches at the jelly-belly-button site!

I’ve been in wearing my size 10 pants for a couple of weeks and the muffin top is getting smaller each week. Granted, it’s still a little painful, [it hasn’t drawn blood, though] but I thought it would give me momentum and incentive. 12’s and 14’s are neatly folded in the closet [again.]