blessings of believing

It’s Sunday. The Sabbath. In fact it is Fast Sunday.

As I opened my fast with prayer, I asked Father to help me feel His spirit throughout the day, during my meetings, and in the quiet of the afternoon and evening. He heard my prayer and I have felt His influence.

I’m grateful for the Sabbath Day, for a day of pause and reflection. A day of ponder and peace. A day of praise and thanksgiving. A day of calm and restoration. I’m grateful for my testimony that I am a daughter of the great God of all — all the earth, all the universe, all that is and ever was or will ever be. I’m grateful for Him and His Divine Son, who know me by name and care for me and direct and guide me through the challenges of this lifetime. I’m thankful that we have guidance on the earth today, through a living prophet who is in constant communication with the heavens as Abraham, Issac and Jacob were in their day. I’m grateful for the Savior and His atoning sacrifice which has freed me from sorrow and pain on several occasions. I’m thankful for my knowledge that Jesus Christ can take away the burdens of our my sin and the pain of heartache, loneliness, sorrow and addictions. And that He can lessen our my feelings of failure, fear, anger, regret, hurt, despair and guilt.

I’m so very grateful to have that knowledge.

I’m grateful for [and acknowledge the Lord’s hand in providing] a good family — my good parents and my brothers and sisters. I am especially thankful for my children and for the blessings that have come into my life through them. I am even grateful for the challenges I have faced, because those very challenges have driven me to my knees for lack of any other source of direction or comfort. And there I have found strength, faith, clarity and hope.

And, as always, I’m especially grateful for Sunkist oranges!

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