I got my mother’s bedroom furniture when she died — something I’ve always dreamed of owning. I remember when she lived in Evanston all those years ago, I would go into her room and admire her belongings. And I hated to think of the obvious: in order for me to have this beautiful furniture meant that she had to have died. It made me sad. I couldn’t really comprehend life without her, so I’d put the thought of her furniture far away in my heart.

Although Mom died last December, I just picked up the bedroom set in July. When we cracked opened the drawers a little in order to get a better hand-hold, we discovered that they were still full of wonderful and amazing memories. So many aprons that she had cooked in! All her creations of cakes and pies and cookies and bread flew through my mind when I saw those aprons. My dad’s temple recommend was there. I thought of how tall [6’3″] he was and how he smelled after mowing our lawn as well as Grandma Smith’s next door and Auntie Violet’s across the street. I remember all the hair on his arms and how it poked through the top of his shirt. I remember how many dishes he washed for mom.

We found a little ditty. That’s what she use to call them. Little thoughts that she’d jot down. This one also had Larene’s phone number, Robert H.’s address in SLC and two other unidentified phone numbers. I tried to figure what year she must have written it by checking out the other numbers and names but I couldn’t come up with a time frame. Although I can see that it was when she could still write pretty well, so I’m thinking early 2000’s. It had quotes around it so it’s something she heard and liked and wrote down to remind her of its simple soundness.

Look for the humor in the serious, the joy in the sad, the strength in the weak and the best in the bad.

It reminds me of so many of her sayings, ripe with meaning, mellowed with wisdom.

Mom had a creed she lived by. We call it her ‘four izzits.’ She decided early on that if she didn’t know exactly what to do in a situation she would put it to the ‘izzit test.’

Is it TRUE?
Is it KIND?
Is it RIGHT?

She used to say “Just because something is true, doesn’t mean it’s necessary to say it!”

I love her for that. I love her for many reasons, but especially for that.