I love the fall. Problem is, around here, fall lasts about three weeks and then we are in the dead of winter!

Last weekend I wrapped and tucked away all my spring and summer decorations and ‘got out’  f.a.l.l. I have so many cute things that I love, but if I don’t get them out in mid September, [even through the temperature last week was still in the 80’s] I run the risk of having snow on the ground the first of October. Then I’m all about my cute snowy, bbbrrr-y, wintery decorations.  Believe me, they are up and around for a long time. Winter in Wyoming lasts practically forever!

Fall brings a worry, though. I usually pack on 10-15 extra pounds through the winter. Winter is so long, and so cold and blustery around here that I tend to turn to comfort foods and fat foods. The cold fruit, Vichyssoise, fresh salads and ice cold smoothies just don’t do it for me in the winter. And I see the pounds creeping up over the long months. It’s a journey I have, unfortunately, traveled the past 20 years or so.

So what’s the plan for this year?

What can I do to make this year different. This year b.e.t.t.e.r?

The plan has got to start taking shape now — when I can still remember how long it took to take off those nasty 12 pounds from last winter! I want need to remember how it felt to weigh 176 and wear those size 16’s three years ago. I have to remember my thighs rubbing together as I walked and the way my stomach hung down over my thighs when I sat down. I have to remember the three ‘tiers’ to my back, above and below my too-tight bra, and then the bulge just above my pants.UUUGGGHHH! Enough of that ugly picture. YUK!

[I just now had to hurry and feel the little muscle-y indention in my arm and flex it to feel the nicely bulging bicep.] THAT’S what I want to remember! I want to remember how good it feels to weigh 149 [yes, 145 or 140 would be so much better . . .] I want to remember being hooked on morning exercise and being able to dance around the living room when inspiring music plays. I want to remember a size 10. I want to enjoy ‘medium,’ not ‘large or extra large.’ I want to remember wearing belts and tucking in my shirt. I want to remember how good ‘healthy’ feels. I want to remember feeling energized. I want to remember sleeping well, and standing straight. I want to remember not having to worrying what I must have look like to others as I enter a room. Not feeling so self conscious. I want to remember being able to do 100 sit ups and 40 push ups. I want to remember how hard it is to get motivated enough to have to start over. Again.

Lord, help me remember.

I’m getting so forgetful!

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  1. weighingmatters

    I started with 25. But I heard that everyone should be able to do 40 for core strength, so I worked up. 40 is all I can do, though. I CANNOT do 41!

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