Life Style 180

75% of all medical costs in the United States are caused by four things:

physical inactivity
food choices
and stress

Life Style 180, developed by Dr. Michael Roizen [partner of Dr. Oz from Oprah fame] was on the Today Show this week and what he said caught my attention and interest!

His goal is to stop disease before it strikes, by teaching stress management, physical education, nutrition and healthy cooking. YAY! My goals are totally aligned with his! He says the key to eating healthy is actually found in the kitchen. You can go to the grocery store or the farmer’s market and learn how to read labels and buy healthy food. He says, “But, I don’t think you can eat healthy if you don’t cook healthy

because food changes the way our genes function.”

We all know what sugar does to our body. We know how unhealthy fats coat our organs and arteries. We know how salt causes hypertension or high blood pressure. But do we realize, for instance, how cooking a carrot increases the sugar in this veggie?

I’ve heard this my whole life. But new studies show that cooked carrots are actually very good for us.
And do you know that cooking a carrot whole, as opposed to cutting it up
boosts its anti-cancer properties by 25 per cent?

“Cooking could also increase the vitamin delivery from carrots. The problem is that carrot cells have tough walls that resist digestion. If you chew your way though a nice crunchy raw carrot, you’ll only absorb about 5% of the beta-carotene it contains. You’ll get 60% if it’s been boiled, and 90% if it’s also been blended.”

I’m just sayin’!

We each have a responsibility, to ourselves and to our families: to study nutrition and how food preparation affects the nutrition of our meals.

Being healthy is hard! [Honestly, I really kind of resent when it comes so easy to some people who seemingly don’t even realize how easy they have it!] It takes hard work to exercise and make healthy food choices in the face of all we are bombarded with at the store [at eye level], on TV, at the movies, in magazines, on billboards, and every vending machine you see.


It’s hard to just walk in my kitchen and glance up on top of the fridge!
Still so stinkin’ much  junk food up there!