live r.i.g.h.t. now

I am loving that phrase. Love the double meaning. Love the profound depth. Love the intensity. Love the direction it takes my thinking.

So many times we don’t live right. We live wrong. And we’re miserable. We don’t do the things that will ultimately be the best for us. We don’t keep the commitments we make to ourselves and others. We don’t see the importance of telling the truth and being honest and keeping even the basic Ten Commandments. We justify and lie and cheat [my heck even when playing a simple game of cards or Quirkle with Keziah!]  We procrastinate and are lazy and just waste ourselves and our precious time. So we don’t live ‘right.’

And we don’t live right now. We live in the past — the recent past and the far past. Or the future. My life will be perfect when . . . I lose these stubborn, sticky, obnoxious 10 pounds, my kids are all grown up and gone, when I can finally afford to retire, when I get new windows and a front door that actually works, when the new bathroom sink I’ve had in the basement for five years is actually installed in the bathroom counter, and on and on . . .

But to live r.i.g.h.t now means to live the best we can, the healthiest we can. It means to be aligned with God the best we know how. It means to serve at least one other person each day. It means to do things that lead to optimum wellness in our bodies. It means to apologize to those we’ve hurt. It means to thank those who have blessed our lives. It means taking responsibility for what we put in our mouths. It means reading labels! It means to go out of our way to be kind and polite and caring. It means Omega 3’s and 6’s. It means to wash and brush and floss and flush [all those little thoughtful things.] It means to do something for our spirit, our mind, our body and our heart each and every day. It means 100 crunches and spinach salad and vitamin supplements. It means mammograms and colonoscopies and yearly checkups. It means absolutely no sugar. It means to wipe a tear, give a hug, send a note, make a call. It means simply saying “thank you” after a compliment — not saying “Oh, this old thing? I got it for $2 on a blue light special!”

It probably means to clean the basement [and keep it clean.]