truly b.e.t.t.e.r!

What a difference a day makes.PICT0149This is what’s left of the old bed I’ve been sleeping on. The spring is left over from Tracy’s first bed, which finally broke after twenty-one years, and two daughters. We had hoisted it up off the floor with 8 milk crates for the past two years. The mattresses came from diverse places [you do not want to know, and I surely don’t want to admit!]

But enough of sleeping on milk crates, dust-mite encrusted [I’m sure – but really can’t think about it too much!] mattresses, as well as [who-knows-from-where] urine covered fabric!

Thursday after going to hubby’s appointments at the Huntsman and U of U, we stopped at Sam’s and viola! A brand new, queen-size, triple-layered, foam-top [all researched by Tracy] Serta! And a matching box spring. Thanks to money left from Mom.PICT0148Although this is still my old bedding [from the twin milk crate bed!] it’s a thousand times better that what was here just 24 hours ago. New bedding is on it’s way from JCP online.

I hope Mom would approve of how I spent her money.

She’d have a belly laugh, though! The top of the mattress comes up to the bend at the top of my thigh! [Notice, it’s actually higher than my dresser!] I can’t imagine how in the world I am going to manage to climb up into bed. Heaven forbid I roll out in the middle of the night. It’s about a 40 inch drop to the floor!

Maybe I should hang on to some of those milk crates after all!