when the student is ready the teacher appears, Take 2

[not to be confused with Take 1, posted back in June]

Beautiful daughter, Mikelle [of Biggest Loser fame,] wanted to know “How about cottage cheese and peaches?” [I’m secretly thrilled that she’s thinking about it and asking questions . . .] [Maybe not so ‘secretly’ anymore <g>]

Well, canned peaches are either packed in juice, light syrup or heavy syrup. You really have to read the labels if you are going to make an intelligent, informed, nutritional decision. [Don’t you just love walking down the grocery aisle and seeing someone actually taking something off the shelf, turning it over and scanning for pertinent nutritional information? For me, it always strikes up a conversation with a formerly perfect stranger.]


Notice: there are 39.14 g of sugar! [red flag!] And there are about 4.2 grams of sugar in a teaspoon, thus about 12.6 in a tablespoon. So there are about 3 tablespoons of sugar in a cup of canned peaches in syrup. Makes me cringe to even think of it!

Wiki Answers explains just how much sugar is appropriate for an adult on a daily basis. “Actually, this is a bit of a complicated question. Carbohydrates can take the form of sugar once digested, and a certain amount of sugar occurs naturally in food.”  But the short answer is from 40 – maybe 100 g a day. So a cup of canned peaches in syrup is about it for the whole day.

When given a choice, buy fresh peaches, then frozen, [frozen peaches are amazingly wonderful!] and canned, if you must, but be sure they are packed in water, or juice.

Cottage cheese?  Be sure to check the sodium level. Some have anywhere from 400-1000 mg per serving. My recommendation? DAISY brand cottage cheese! All cottage cheese is not created equally!

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