go ahead, make my day!

At work this morning Becky asked me what I was doing. I’m like “What?”

She said, “You look healthy. You look strong and firm and  . . . just good.” Ok, maybe I just made that up. I don’t think she really said all that, but she did say something to the effect. I told her I’ve been exercising and eating healthy and all about Eight Minutes in the Morning, my favorite exercise program. She asked about cardio, I answered, “I don’t to that. I can get into my training range [220 – age X 70-80%] by doing strength training.” She asked, “What do you use, 5 pound weights?” Me: “No I use 10, 12, 15, and 20 pounders! [I was having a moment of pride, I know.] I said, “I started with five pounds, but I’ve worked up.”

Oh my heck! It made me feel so good about all the hard work, all the time, all the posting, all the days without eating everything in sight!

Later in the afternoon I went to Farmers to pay insurance on Mikelle’s car [$342.10! Yikes!] Jan opened her mouth and paused, and said “You look like you’ve lost weight.” Golden words to my  ears! Oh, the beauty of those words. I swear I melted into a heap right then. It gave me the opportunity to bore her to death with all the details of this ‘losing-17-pounds-in-6-months’ journey. She quickly busied herself with the business of emptying my entire checking account of any left-over money I thought I’d have for the rest of the pay period.

If I can just remember!

If I can just think!

If I can just know!

This is worth it. I feel excellent [my dear!] I feel in control [usually!] I have some [reasonably] cute new clothes. I am starting to like myself [on occasional days.] I walk straighter, more up-right. And I hold my head up and my shoulders back and my tummy in!

If eating healthy and exercising makes such a HUGE difference in my life, Lord, please help me to remember!