i'm probably the only one who knows or cares

It’s official. 148. For two days. I thought it was just a fluke, and maybe it still is. But I’m posting 148. It has taken about three weeks to lose one stinkin’ pound, so it’s official. Finally.

In March, 2006, I weighted 176 and started a weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. I did well. But then two years later I had inched back up to 161 and, so, started again last May. I started blogging several times a week about frustrations, stumbling blocks, successes and milestones. I’ve learned a dither of things about myself, bad habits, and how to just hang on. I’ve been brutally honest about lots of things I never thought I’d put in print, but it’s been a cleansing process that has been both enlightening and freeing.

So here I am.


Woo HOO!

Good for me!