it's official, 147

In fact, 146.5! Woo HOO! I’ve been working toward this mini-goal for so long. And I knew I was getting close the other day so I have been conscientious, and deliberate and careful about what I’ve been eating. Yesterday I had grilled tilapia, which I love, but haven’t taken the time to prepare for at least a month. [I bought a whole case of it back in June and haven’t even used half of it yet!] But, literally, it seemed to be calling to me, if such a thing is possible. I was actually doing my hair in the bathroom and ‘grilled tilapia’ just kept going through my mind in a musical, sing-songy way. I finally said, out loud,”OK, that sounds really good!” It was super delicious, satisfying, filling. And for the first time, I didn’t add tarter sauce — just little chopped dill relish spread on top and seriously, it was as good as the gooey, troublesome stuff that I can never get enough of.


I don’t think I will ever use tarter again. Oh, the things I’m learning through this journey!

Off to Ogden for my mammogram, some great socks at Sam’s and maybe a stop at Sears for some striped tops. <g>