{{{{ loved it }}}}

Oh my GOODness.

So, I just got to 144 and have been wanting/needing to be extra careful in food choices. I don’t want to cut back [into starvation mode which causes the body to start saving all the calories and storing them as fat . . .] and I don’t want to get careless. Don’t want to mess up the metabolism right now. It’s doing a great job! Don’t want to think the last three pounds came off so quickly that I ‘deserve’ a little reward. No.

I was pretty hungry and remembered I had boo-koo veggies in the fridge. It was time to use ’em or lose ’em. So I sautéed sweet onion, red pepper and mushrooms. Still couldn’t decide what to do. Then I saw the salsa back behind the milk and added about a quarter cup — let it all simmer together.

Suddenly. Brilliant! I envisioned a dollop of cottage cheese on top. It would add some nutrition and cheese-like flavor. [much like ricotta]! Perfecto!

Last, I cut up a whole avocado then heated two spinach wraps for 15 seconds in the microwave. And the outcome was absolutely delightful. Layered the wrap, veggies, cottage cheese, a sprinkle of Salad Supreme, some cubed avocado. Next folded and rolled the whole thing up and, [can you spell ‘devour’?] [can you spell ‘messy’?] thoroughly enjoyed the concoction. DeLISH. Oh my GOODness, [again.]

{{{{{ loved it }}}}}

How anyone could choose cheese cake, donuts or ice cream — over something so wonderfully nutritional, filling, satisfying, and just plain fantastic — beats me! <g>

OK, I admit it. I’m just trying to psyche myself up for healthy!

2 thoughts on “{{{{ loved it }}}}

  1. tracy

    Yummm! I want one…or three!

    I tell you, this has been THE longest day. We have cut up onions for what seems like hours, have done batches and batches of laundry…and still the house isn’t clean!

  2. weighingmatters

    I think it’s pretty close to what I’ve had at your house on occasion. What’s your recipe? I couldn’t remember, so I just made this up. I’m really stuffed now! I don’t think it was a lot of calories, but it sure was a lot of volume!

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