ok, i'm a 26

So according to all I’ve read today, I need to be in a range of 19 to 24.9. I’m still in the ‘overweight’ category. Just a little more effort. Just a little harder push! I can do this!

Know your BMI? Go here to find out. [There is a lengthy formula, but this is much easier!]

How to Determine Whether Your weight is Healthy:

  • If your BMI is in the range 19 to 24.9 you have a healthy weight.
  • If your BMI is in the range 25 to 29.9 you are considered to be overweight and may incur moderate health risks. For example, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are all linked to being overweight.
  • If your BMI is 30+ you are considered to be obese. Obesity is associated with increased risk of cancer, heart disease and other health problems. A BMI of 30 and over increases the risk of death from any cause by 50 to 150 percent, according to some estimates.
  • If your BMI is 35+ and you have a waist size of over 40 inches (men) and 35 inches (women) you are considered to be at especially high risk for health problems.
  • If your BMI is 40+ you are considered to be seriously obese and at a very serious risk of health problems.

Note: Above BMI 25, the higher the BMI, the greater the risk of developing additional health problems.

Certainly a lot of people already know this. I read about it in all sorts of health magazines. But somehow, looking it up for myself, today, and seeing it in writing, right here, makes it more of a reality to me. It makes the responsibility of my own health appear right before my own eyes.

And I’m so close.

Back in May I bought one pair of size 35 X 32 jeans just to get me through the week. I washed them every night! Nothing else fit!

Then I dropped to 34 X 32. Had lots of those!

Next, you guessed it. I ‘grew down’ to my 33’s

I had all those 32 X 32’s in the closet, [twelve pair!] so I wanted to get into those.

Now they are too big! My huge ring of keys I carry around all day pulls my pants down and I have baggy-butt!

So I just bought three pair of 31’s.


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