ok, ok! i've got this!

I got over my little binge. Worked that completely out of my system and I’m writing these very words to make sure the itch is gone. Slowing, but surely, [as sure as a+b=c] I’m getting back to the plan and seeing good results! [Back to 145] I can’t believe I was so frustrated and discouraged [temporarily] that I didn’t even exercise for three whole days! [I did this morning!]

That’s what unhealthy food, misuse of food, food cravings, food temptations, food binges, and food-stupid does to me! I don’t know about you. I don’t know about anyone else in the world, but for me, [I’m becoming an expert on me!] stupid food tricks [like late-night stupid-dog tricks or stupid-human tricks ] belong on Letterman or in the circus. Not here. Not where I so easily fall prey to them.

I know that! I do! But I ran to Kemmerer [on an empty stomach] to get some pre-procedure labs done and thought while I was there I should get a few groceries. Then I walked past the Quaker rice cakes. See. I knew better. Stay in the perimeter of the store! Stay near the produce! NOOOOOOO! Don’t go to the candy aisle. Whatever you do, don’t go near the chip aisle.

But I did. I walked right over to them . . . looked at the plain ones and put them back. I heard a voice say. “You deserve a treat! You deserve the White Cheddar ones. You haven’t had them for a long time. You can just eat a few.” It was like an out-of-body experience! [I’m pretty sure it was me doing the talking . . . I’m not trying to blame this on anyone else!]

And then I started the whole rationalization, the excuses, the self-sabotage. And within about 25 minutes, I had eaten the whole stinkin’ package.

So what did I learn?

No matter how big a handle I think I’ve [sometimes] got on this whole thing, I’m still going to have moments when I need a back-up plan.


I’m like a kid playing in traffic! I think for a minute I can get away with it. But, NO. Playing children and moving vehicles don’t mix. Food junkies and junk-food don’t mix!

Ok, ok. I’ve got this.

[The really good part is I stopped after one short-lived binge. I got back to me. And the second and third persons noticed!]