so somebody hit your car

[We can get the car fixed!]

I just can’t take it. Some days she’s is so negative, so down, so depressed, and then she calls me and spreads her gloom. I’m having a great day — a sunshiny, perfectly wonderful delightful day and then she calls and poof, it’s gone.

I’m sure she doesn’t mean it. I’m sure she’s merely venting. I’m sure I need to listen and allow her grumpiness to dissipate, and sooth and nurture her. That’s my job. I’m a m.o.m.

But my heck! Get some perspective. She’s been given so much! She is young and beautiful and vivacious and talented and blessed! She is in college [practically completely paid for by parents and scholarships,] she has a job she’s good at. The people there love her. She has a pretty great boyfriend who treats her well and his family likes her. A lot! She’s got a queen size bed, two couches, an entertainment center, a sound system, a nice phone, another car, one thousand pieces of darling clothing.

Maybe that’s the problem. She has too much.

She’s been given way too much!

So she’s whiney and cranky and miserable.

Seriously! Take a happy pill! Please stop telling me how much your life sucks.

Let’s see, when I was 20 I had a 3-year-old son, a going-no-where-life, a bunch of eating disorders, a messed up life, incest, sexual assault, no car, no future, no faith — a black hole! I ran away to California. Got put in jail, abandoned my son. Was totally messed up. It took years, [years!] to get myself back. It took years to feel great and to think straight.

So please. Get some perspective! You are beloved. You are so special. You are adored by your dad and me. We CHERISH you! You are prayed for each and every day. We are nudging you in hopes of [your own] strong wings taking over to lift and help you soar above all the pettiness and hurt and disappointment of that last year of high school. Look at you now! You are so far above and ahead of those twits!

Could you just be grateful for one day. Get down on you knees and be grateful.

It’s obvious what’s missing. Can you see it for just one day?

H.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s.s is an inside job sweet pea!

If you want happiness, you get on the road to happiness. [Just like, if you’re wanting to go to GRL, you get on the right road to GRL or you’ll end up at some place like Turtle Hill.]

s.i.m.p.l.e. as that sugar bunkin!

you! [so very much!]