that explains everything!

I just heard the equation for how many calories I should be eating to maintain a certain weight, or how much less I should consume to lose these last pesky pounds weight. [again, Dr. Oz…I can’t say enough about this brilliant guy!] Maybe now I can get over this plateau.

200 + my weight times 8 + any exercise I do. So . .

200 + 1184  + @150 = 1534 to stay the same. That means I should be eating around 1300 calories per day to lose weight. There are 3500 calories in a pound, so it would take 12-14 days to lose a pound. I went to Scott’s Common Sense Community to figure the exercise calories, guestimating I do strength training about 20-25 minutes every day. [Dang, I thought it was worth more than a measly 150 calories!]

Surprise! That’s pretty close to exactly what I’m doing. Maybe it’s not rocket science but it sure is physics!

This great site explains everything you will ever need to know in order to calculate your own healthy eating journey. And I love, LOVE the little dig at the top about one simple rule for weight-loss success! [Finally it’s NOT about acai berry — I HATE all those stupid ads on every single on-line site!]