the wagon nearly got away

I’m home alone for the weekend. [Hands on cheeks, screaming. Just like McCaulay Culkin.]

There have been two brownies [with German chocolate frosting] on the cabinet for three days. Everyday I look at them. I don’t dare open the package. I don’t dare smell them. Today, I’m going to toss them in the trash. Hubby bought a dozen, ate 10 during the week, leaving the other two, and went hunting for a three-day weekend. [I don’t really know how he does that. In my ‘eating-anything-and-everything-in-sight’ days, I could never have left them. I would have scarfed them up and slipped into, yet, another sugar coma at Regretville.] [Yes, that used to be my home address.] I used to have to eat everything in sight to just get rid of it. I’m not sure where that thinking came from, but it stuck with me for years [and years.]

There are still two packages of Oreo’s on the fridge — mint and chocolate. [Yes, I touched them, looked at them, read the ingredients, considered eating them, but put them back.] Two big packages of bear claws. Two bags of chips to go with the gooey-cheese Queso in the fridge.

I am an addict.

But I’m clean right now.

Redirection. The fridge also holds a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables. I’ve got 1% milk. I’ve got three kinds of healthy cereal. I’ve got Lite-and-Fit vanilla yogurt with frozen fruit. There are walnuts, pistachios, boneless-skinless chicken breasts and even a couple of yams. I’ve got FOUR packages of rice cakes in the cupboard!

But I’m drawn to the Oreos.

[My heck! they are 3 weeks old! They’re probably old or at stale!] [Are you kidding? They stay good for 6 months, they’re full of preservatives. And the creamy white center is one molecule away from plastic!]

I brushed my teeth again. And put a little 4-inch string of mint floss in my teeth. That way it kind of stops me in my tracks on the way to the fridge. A necessary precaution.

Ok, I’m over it.