Monthly Archives: November 2009


day after

One down, one to go. Thanksgiving was wonderful, with family, food, friends and fun galore. It continues today with movies and [very little] shopping. I’m through with Black Friday frenzy and all that goes with crazed shopping, but I might go to Porters or JoAnn’s later today for some pillowcase flannel and some watch faces. […] Read the Rest…


the first Thanksgiving

It’s Thursday morning, 5 am. I’m up starting the preparations for Thanksgiving Day. The house is still asleep. All is quiet –something it wasn‘t at 10:00 last night when I was trying hard to fall asleep. My grandson, Fisher, came and climbed in bed with me and within a few minutes we were both nodding […] Read the Rest…


doin' a job on me

I feel fat. I really do. I look at myself in the mirror and can see a big difference. My legs look smaller and when I turn sideways I hardly have a butt. My brain, however, is telling me I’m fat. How’s that for irony. When I really was fat, my brain told me I […] Read the Rest…