raving maniacal fool

I’ve had two great days filled with healthy food, whole grains, skim milk, yogurt, veggies, egg omelet, chicken, salad, blueberries and peaches. See. I know what is good and I know what is delish! The swelling has disappeared. I can move my ring again on my left hand. [It was truly stuck for a whole day, imbedded in the little rolls of my temporarily pudgy finger.] Tomorrow I’m fully expecting to be back to 142.5!

I just have to remember: don’t eat like a raving maniacal fool two days in a row!

Earlier this summer I was reading a great new find. These next few sentences really struck a chord with me and I’m passing them on.

From “Eat This, Not That:”

It doesn’t matter how intensely you exercise.

It doesn’t matter if you try to make the smartest choices, pick the healthiest foods, and watch what you eat at every meal.

All it takes to sabotage your weight loss goals is one simple mistake!.

Add just one of these nutritional neutron bombs into your diet just once a month –let me repeat that — just once a month! — and you could add nearly 7 pounds of flab to your frame in the coming year!

Sure, some of them seem obvious: Anything that goes by the name Double Trouble Brownie Sundae at least earns points for giving consumers fair warning. But others hide behind the seemingly wholesome fare –banana pancakes, veggie sandwich, tuna melts, even some salads! How can they be bad?

So I had a [huge] slice of pumpkin roll. I’m over it. [Still got the retainers nearby, though.] I can’t tell you how many things I haven’t eaten! How many things I have resisted! How many good healthy choices I have made. So I’m hanging on to that. I made one hundred good choices and one poor choice in the last week.

And I’m not about to let the last slice of pumpkin roll get to me tonight. I learned my lesson! I’m going upstairs right now and insisting that hubby eat it right this minute!