2 family-size pizzas

I weighed on Tracy’s scale two mornings in a row. Friday it said 139 and Saturday 140. If that were true, if the scale was correct, I’d be at goal!

Surely the white-metal, vinyl-covered version of a weighing apparatus is not accurate. It sits in the bottom drawer of their bathroom. Each time it’s picked up and moved in and out of the drawer I’m sure it needs recalibration.

So I’m not going to bank on either 139 or 140.

But I can bank on this. I’d been pretty careful about putting healthy food into my mouth the whole trip. I exercised Friday morning. I’ve made good choices.

Until Saturday. Super Saturday. Sometime during our day-long craft-fest, a nice variety of eight crock-potted soups were on put on display in the back of the cultural hall, as well as a nice assortment of torn greens with poppy seed and honey mustard dressings. But then there was an entire 8-foot table with a spread of twenty desserts. Why is it that people celebrate with banana and zucchini bread, chocolate pound cake, lemon squares, sugar [frosted and sprinkled] cookies, iced pumpkin cookies, and much much more? I had to look away!

We have a saying in our church: Where there are two or more gathered together in My name, there will be desserts! [Surely, I jest!]

[I felt strong. I had the chicken and white bean soup and salad with mustard dressing.]

Later, after a day of etching, stringing, stamping, visiting, pressing, gluing and laughing, Tracy and I went back into Idaho Falls for four MORE hours of shopping. Two hours in, she reached into the back seat of the car and pulled out a plate of before-said goodies. Apparently someone had made up a plate and handed it to her as she exited the building! And we were both starving, so we did partake!

Uugghh! There went my resolve!

Later we bought two family-size HUGE pizzas and brought them home to cook. Double Uuggh. The combination of smells were overwhelming. Rising bread crust, cheese, pepperoni! I grabbed a bowl of yogurt, walnuts and frozen peaches.

Then the second 24-inch! pizza went in. Italian Chicken! Oh my goodness.

So, two slices later, I was finally able to stop the nonsense and get control of my cravings. Again, Not hungry! Again, pretty much already stuffed from a huge bowl of yogurt-peaches-walnuts. But keeping myself in the enviroment of delectable aroma, giggling grandchildren and a homey, family atmosphere was more than I could [chose to] ignore.

These WW Helpful Habits are crucial to weight loss and control:

* Ask for help
* Learn from experience
* Manage your environment
* Manage your feelings
* Manage your thoughts
* Monitor yourself
* Prepare yourself
* Take care of yourself

Still got a lot of leaning to do in this department! I flat out ignored #3.

2 thoughts on “2 family-size pizzas

  1. weighingmatters

    We ate the rest of the pizzas for dinner today – thanks a bunch! It was quite the interesting meal…left over pizza, left over baked potatoes without any cheese, and left over green salad. Odd combination, but needed to be eaten and piece of cake to warm up!

    Just so you know, the pizzas were 15″, so you only had two 7 1/2″ slices, not two 12″ slices. I think you did great!

    We just finished family council and scriptures…woohoo, 2 Nephi 9 – 11 are amazing chapters!

    Now I need to vacuum up the popcorn mess from family council, load up the dishwasher, and head to bed.

    Love you and thank you for coming!

    1. weighingmatters

      I had a potato, two cheese slices and yogurt on the way home. Felt Pretty full and was up to 143 this morning! It was ‘boredom’ eating during the 4-hour drive. Oh well, I know how to do this! The overall picture is I feel good and I know I look better than I did last year at this time. I’m heading in the right direction and I have more control over my impulses than I have for a long time. I’m in this for the long haul! Thanks for your support!

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