giving notice

I’ve got a pound and a half to get to 141. I’m through messing around and taking so long with this.

I’m going to be 141 by next week.

No more cheese sticks right before bed. No more white cheese rice cakes. No more Kashi cold cereal while watching TV. No lunch room food! [such garbage, anyway!] No foods full of preservatives. Absolutely NO sugar and very little salt. I’m taking lemon and peppermint again. Taking my vitamins and minerals. Drinking six waters each day.

I’m exercising every day this coming week and doing it hard. I’m going to bring out a sweat!

I’m going to eat healthy, think healthy and live healthy.

And I’m going to reach goal. Then I’m calling Weight Watchers and letting them know they let the wrong person go here! [Kidding!]