jellybelly fat

I mean, really. I was fat before! I could take both hands and spread them as huge as was humanly possible [around one of my three rolls] and still not be able to hold all the blubber around my middle front. And even though I’ve lost 19 pounds, I still have a couple of hands full! Last month when I was measuring, I recorded that I’d lost 6 inches of the ugly stuff in the mid-section, but there’s still plenty to go!

When I was doing 100 crunches a day it was better, tighter, firmer, smaller. But I’ve not been as dedicated to exercising as I had been and now it’s creeping back. The last few weeks I’ve felt pretty slodgy. I’m not sure that’s a word, but it surely must be a feeling! Because it describes me perfectly.

Bust was 40, then 38, then 37.5, then 37.5, now 37
Waist was 34, then 31, then 31, then 30.5, still 30.5
Abdomen was 40.5, then 36.5 then 35.5, then 34.5, still 34.5
Hips were 41, then 38.5, then, 38, then 37.5, still 37.5
Thigh was 24.75, then 22.75, then 22.25, then 22, now 21.5
Arm was 13.5, then 12, then 12, then 11.75, now 11.5

I have been measuring my calve  all along, but the only change has been from 15 inches to 14.5.

Dang. I wish this was something that once you worked hard and accomplished, you could keep the results. But [sigh] it’s got to be a priority every single day!

I’m so sick of the pop-up ads that exclaim their “one simple rule . ..” some magic pill from Africa or the Amazon. I KNOW what the simple rule is! Get up off my butt couch and do 100 sit ups, some Supermans, some crunches, and obliques!

I need to go do that right now.

3 thoughts on “jellybelly fat

  1. Holly

    Read all of your blogs for the week and thoroughly enjoyed it all. You have such a talent for writing, and it is so inspiring! It makes me want to do better.

  2. weighingmatters

    Wow, Holly. Thank you! I mostly write these for me, hoping that it makes me more committed. And it works. I don’t think I would have lost these 19 pounds without being ‘out there’ and it feels really good if anyone else, even one person, gets motivated as well. Thanks!

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