just like I said . . .

Yup. Just like I said. Her scale was wrong.

I weighed this morning [back at my house], kind of curious after a four-day trip and was pretty disappointed at the numbers staring back at me! 143! So much for staying on track. Wow at this point it seems even if I goof off a little it will end up on the scale.

I ran it through my mind most of the morning. I know I didn’t drink enough water. And I’ve not had the two teaspoons of oil for a long time. I’m eating a lot of walnuts so I guess I thought I was making up for the oil with healthy omega-stuffed walnuts. I’ll have to check that out. I’m probably eating way too much yogurt, since I’m going through about 4 quarts a week! [Gee, ya think?] And I think I’m low on protein! I should be getting 30-35 grams a day.

I didn’t make my goal of getting to 141 this week, so I’m setting the same goal again. Guess I’ll just keep doing this ’til I get it right! [Mikelle said she was 137 last week, Woo-HOO for her!]