laughing stock

Well, at least I’m not gaining. This is hard. Who would have thought losing the last few pounds could be so much more difficult than losing the first ten [It took under a month to lose those ten, but five months to lose the second ten!?!]

A friend of mine, who I admire, and inspired me to lose weight, said today during our conversation about weight loss, “If I’m not dieting, I’m gaining. I’m not able to stay where I’ve lost to, I just start going up.” Another friend [actually my boss when I worked at Diet Center] said, “The more we diet throughout our lives, [heLLO!] the more we HAVE to diet just to MAINTAIN our weight loss!]

That seems unfair!

But if we look at it another way, it makes sense. I am always hearing It’s not a diet, it’s a life style.” So if I truly believe that, I will continue to eat LOTS LESS than I did when I weighed twenty pounds more [or thirty-five pounds more!] I can’t possibly go back to that way of eating.

It was insane!

Even though I’m still 142.5 instead of 141, looking back at the last six months makes me feel proud of sticking to it and finally getting this far.

I’m scared to death. I’m scared of gaining it all back and being the laughing-stock of Bridger Valley.

People have seen me at this weight before and they’ve seen be go back up. They politely look away and hesitate to engage me in conversation. They are embarrassed for me. I have the very same recation when I see others do the same thing.

So, me, remember this:

“As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.” ~ Adelle Davis

“If I don’t have time for healthy eating and exercise, when will I find time for illness or recovery from illness?”

There now. [pat, pat] That puts things in perspective.