one busy girl

It’s early Saturday morning and I’m in Rigby at Tracy’s for her ward’s Super Saturday. Two week’s ago when I was here for their Primary Sacrament Presentation I saw projects on the back table and signed up for a couple.  I saw something I could make for my co-worker’s Christmas exchange and something I could make for Mikelle. [Although now it won’t be a surprise because I asked her what color watches she would like me to make for her!] [I did tell her she had to pretend she didn’t know and had to act surprised or she couldn’t have them.]

Yesterday was crazy. Just crazy.

We started early with Tracy’s 5 gymnastic classes, then we [Fisher and I] were off to Great Harvest, the post office, Cami’s craft shop, Great Harvest again, Sub Way, the Mall, Mini Bazaar, Idaho Falls Skating Rink, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, a delivery and home about 8 PM. I’m just saying!

How do these people remain sane?

I still have to get mousse for Blythe, go to Michaels or JoAnn’s for a little Christmas notion, Porters for the stick-ons, back to Mini Bazaar for something I forgot, Christopher and Banks for a sweater on sale, Sam’s or Wal-Mart for a ‘memory foam’ for Stephen. And I also need to run to Winco to get some groceries.

It seems like every time I come to Rigby my whole time is spent shopping or running errands that I couldn’t accomplish in the little rural area where I live. Whenever I come I have a long list.

Whatever happened to coming for a nice, long, quiet visit with a game or two, a book to read, people to visit?

I’m just sayin’!