pain in the . . .

Once again Dr. Oz impressed me with the vital information he is getting out to America. His TV segment on pain [what NOT to ignore] was so important. Can you guess what we should never ignore?

1. Leg pain that feels like a blood pressure cuff
2. Pain in the pelvic area
3. Pain in the brain or head
4. Pain in the chest

Leg pain that feels like a compression cuff is tightening around you is probably a blood clot. Get to the hospital! Extraordinary terrible ain in the pelvic area for those in child-bearing age is sometimes an ectopic pregnancy, which happens when a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus. Sharp recurring pain in the brain or head can, of course, mean a stroke or tumor. Pain in the chest, and he stressed these are alarming and unusual pains, can be heart attack.

I remember Milt Johnson, a childhood family friend and  our home teacher saying he was having a huge terrible pain in his head. A few weeks later he was dead from a tumor in his brain.

I remember Melanie having pain in her legs. Blood clots!

Log on to Dr. Oz for so much health and wellness info. He really is endearing and so wants to save America from ourselves!