the 'normal' line

Tracy said to me during my recent visit to her house, “I just can’t even imagine weighing myself every single day!”

Me? Just the opposite. I can’t imagine too many days of not weighing. I gauge what I’m going to eat during the day, depending on how much I weighed that morning. [after bathroom, before eating] I decide whether or not I need to exercise.

Granted, this is when I’m in a phase of caring how I feel, how I look. There’ve been many a season when I didn’t have a handle on it and I weighed, cursed at myself, told myself how much I hated me, and ate everything in sight anyway!

Tracy is more normal than I am in this area. She’s not obsessed. She more secure in herself. She is in her weight range and a size 8! She eats a lot! But she’s nursing. If I ate what she does on a daily basis, I’d be right back at 176 in a minute! She never weighs. [That’s why her scales are in the bathroom drawer.]

Twice, Twice I’ve totally disrobed at work and weighed myself. Five more times and it will be a bad habit I’ll not be able to easily break!

This is one of the things I’m going to ask God about when I get to the other side. “How come I didn’t get in the ‘normal’ line when they were handing out personalities before I was born?”

Was there a sign? Did I just not see it? Was I distracted? Did they trick me by putting an all you can eat ice cream place nearby?