tickled my funny bone!

Oh my heck, I just read the funniest blog! I’ve been searching for a few other sites that are uplifting, honest, encouraging and that I can relate to. Lots of times I just get frustrated and move on, but this one was dang me!

She started out saying that Kate Moss keeps quoting “Nothings tastes better than thin feels.”

I’ve used that line lots of time to try to talk myself out of something delish, but terribly unhealthy, staring me in the face. But really, I heard it from Diet Center 20 years ago, then at Weight Watchers a dozen or so times.

This gal said:

If I was forced at fork point to deliver an alternative to “nothing tastes as good as…”, I’d find “being healthier feels” or “being in control feels” much more meaningful. But even those don’t really work for me, because from my point of view, comparing taste and being is like comparing apples to shoe boxes . They’re two separate entities. The only motto that truly makes sense to me is “Nothing tastes as good as carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but if I want to remain healthy, I can only have it every now and then.”

That really gave me a chuckle!

Been trying to figure how to navigate through Thanksgiving Weekend. I thought of eating on smaller plates, drinking plenty of water before meals, promising myself a new outfit, remembering how long it takes to lose a couple of pounds, etc.

Honestly, I’ve made it through the holidays a couple of times without gaining, but January through April? Forget it! Those months seem to drag, and they’re cold and pretty boring. I tend to comfort myself with food.

I’ll be thinking about a great idea to get me through. Otherwise I’ll be stuck with this posting thing for the next six months, as well. Better to stay at goal and move on to another journey to b.e.t.t.e.r.